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Copenhagen 2009 - The people's movement for climate juctice. from dimitris meletis on Vimeo
We live in an era that the words crisis, curtailments, redundancy, bankruptcy have become an everyday reality. However, in this era of uncertainty, when we don’t know what will follow tomorrow and which will be the next slap, the civil society should not freeze and watch the developments uninvolved. At the end of this month (on November 29) begins in Mexico the meeting of UN for the climate politics negotiations, known also as COP16. Some might believe that it has only to do with ecology, but, unfortunately, it goes much further: The discussion concerns the models of power supply, the management of natural resources (even the water), the investments, the scientific “know-how” and its "administrators", the migration (another direct or indirect consequence of the climatic policy and its results), the imputation of responsibilities to those that consider themselves as bosses of the planet.
Since I had the chance to watch some of the last year's discussions in Copenhagen, I also expressed my interest for this year’s meeting, despite the transatlantic travel that it means. So I've started this process even before the summertime and lots of media were interested. However, none of them could support me and I heard the slogan “there is no money” for several times.
Since I respect all the efforts made for a healthy and just job market, I wouldn't choose to provide briefing to the "big media" and gain some personal "promotion". The only result could once more be to buy a correspondence from some big agency, that would inform us that "Barak Obama arrived in the conference and spoke for transparency, had some new proposals for discussion, but he denied to commit himself on behalf of the American people". Given that journalism’s role is the information of citizens and the creation of communication networks in its supportive society, we should not leave the situation in the hands of those who have filled us with precarious working conditions, blackmails and uncertainty.
- Since we are all bored (as citizens and as vehicles of information) of this stuff,
- Since there must be something that deserves to be spread as news in a mobilization of more than 100.000 people,
-Since the briefing should take up coming out of the comfortable offices into the streets, where the facts are happening,
We need to find a way to share the information, the knowledge, the experience and the real interest directly. We need to hear the argumentation of scientists and the proposals of independent teams, activists, fighting journalists; the proposals which have a more direct and concrete result and which appear not to be covered of slime and profit. We need to learn about the advantages of small units of electrification via renewable resources, compared to those units of hundreds of MW. As citizens, we need to wonder if they are something feasible and applicable in our developing world, who supports them as a solution and who keeps them hidden into darkness. If we want to change the situation, and if we agree that our fundamental aim is to support the briefing and not to ask to find a more comfortable chair to host us, we should undertake initiatives that will bring journalism in a break with the rackets of the establishment and will not allow putting it in anyone’s pocket.
This is also the spirit of my choice for an open and direct social financing of my next informative reportage. Therefore, instead of buying guided (and expensive) "information" from the guided international media, I propose to you supporting my mission in Mexico for a direct, complete and objective briefing from all sides (within the bounds of possibility); about everything that will happen there from 26/11 until 11/12, on the occasion of the UN meeting for the climatic policy and also of the whole mobilization that will take place at the same time. The process is as simple and direct as a click and the only condition is, unfortunately, the possession of a card of internet transactions. My financier will be everyone who appreciates my work as a possible objective correspondence.
Thank you,
full of respect and consistency,
Dimitris Meletis

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